Saturday, 22 March 2014

A gaggle of geese

Part of my day was spent making flying geese, yesterday I had cut a lot of rectangles from my Kaffe scraps ready for making geese blocks today.  This morning I cut squares from the silver Aboriginal Dots, marked the diagonals and then laid them all out ready to stitch together.  I found it much faster to lay out a batch of the squares,  mark them all, then repeat, previously I was marking them one at a time, then placing them on the rectangle ready for stitching.

Chain stitching made for fairly quick sewing, a bit of rotary cutting, some ironing, more chain stitching, cutting and ironing and a final trim with my BlocLoc ruler and I ended up with two nice piles of geese.

I have worked out that I will need 186 Flying Geese units for the sashing on the Threads of Memory BOM, I need more fabric but I have enough geese to keep me going for the next couple of blocks.  I need to keep current with the sashing blocks otherwise I will end up with another PHD*
*PHD - Project Half Done


  1. The production line is a good way to go, The sashing looks great , and good timing with the next block due in the next day or so.

  2. I love that you made a fussy cut centre on the stars. I have a pile of geese, I wonder what to do with them :-D

  3. Perfect solution Pip. Love how the geese travel inwards.

  4. They look gorgeous and love them.Have a fun week!

  5. I see you have 2 lines on the squares. Are you making bonus half square triangles? Those kaffe fabrics are too lovely to waste even a tiny bit!!


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