Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The recent hot spell

combined with the arrival of guests who were a little needy at times, seems to have sapped my motivation quite a bit.

 I did a little bit of quilting on this improv piece that I had made before we went away for Christmas.  It was made from leftover pieces of my Lines through the Uzbek quilt that I hadn't utilised.  Of course there were the usual good intentions of doing a lot of quilting while I was away in New Zealand during the Christmas break, but alas it hardly saw the light of day :(

These fabric beads were made after I finished quilting Flower Garden, I had seen the fabric beads made by Victoria at The Silly BooDilly and thought I would make my own version.  They are quite enjoyable to make and don't take too long and as Victoria mentioned they are a good way to use up the little scraps of batting and fabric that we all seem to accumulate.


  1. you have been busy! love all your stitching

  2. Very cool fabric beads they look very fiddly to make.

  3. Loved those beads on you at the Adelaide Quilt Show.


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