Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nailed this block ...

Yesterday I finished off the Grandmother's Compass block, I used the pattern from my BlockBase software for this block, it is slightly different from the pattern that came out for the Just Takes 2 quilt.  I initially thought that I would paper foundation piece the outside blocks and then applique the melons but eventually decided to hand piece the whole block.  I worked on it off and on all weekend and finished stitching the outer surround on yesterday, I can see that it needs a bit more pressing, but overall I'm really pleased how this block turned out.

The quilt was started in January 2012 and I was quite enthusiastic at first but then I got overwhelmed with making all the blocks and the other projects that I had started so I lost interest in all of them fairly quickly.   There is still one more block to be finished (an applique one) and then I will call it finished.   I have been debating with myself over the last couple of weeks whether to make all the blocks required for the original quilt but my heart isn't in it and it would probably never get finished.

This koala visited us yesterday afternoon, the Mister decided to see if it wanted a drink and surprisingly it did, I was amazed that it let him give it a stroke as well.  We feel incredibly lucky that these creatures come into our back yard and spend time there, especially as we have no gum trees for them to eat. (read more about koalas at the Australian Koala Foundation website)


  1. your compass block is fabulous, a difficult one for sure, hand piecing the best way to tackle it. How wonderful to be able to get up close and personal with these lovely creatures. Do you think there could be the Koala equivalence of a Hobo sign to say " kind humans live here"

  2. I love the block and you did such a great job with it -- I so love seeing the little creatures that you have there in Australia so different than here - the little critter sure must have been thirsty huh - do they usually let you touch them too?

  3. Such meticulous piecing....a glorious block...I would showcase it in some other format instead of being surrounded by all those other T2 blocks. Its magic, Pip.
    That Koala must have been thirsty... they dont usually need extra water. Poor fella. When is it going to cool down, over there!

  4. Well done on the block finish and tooo cute a koala in the back yard. We are so lucky.

  5. Well done Pip! Gorgeous hand applique, is some of it done by Reverse Applique? I was very happy to read in a previous post that you have decided to stop at the first section, I made that same decision and have yet to finish that. Lori of Humble Quilts did get thru the entire quilt and renamed it 'Just takes 2 years'! Yep, that's about right :0)
    Hope you and the Koalas get a break from the heat!

  6. Your Compass block looks great! Says how hot it is when a koala needs a friendly drink! Will this summer ever end??!!

  7. This quilt will be spectacular when finished (aren't they all?). Dear old koala, he must be sick of all this hot weather too. Lovely and cool today - had us scrambling for warmer clothes (well, closed toe shoes for me - I'm still a hot bod). Nice bit of rain overnight too.

    cheers - Joolz xx

  8. Your block finished up GORGEOUS!
    How sweet of the Mr. to offer that Koala some water.
    That picture is just precious.


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