Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Loosey goosey

I knocked off the last of the flying geese blocks for the Just Takes 2 quilt today, I paper foundation pieced them as they were already printed out ready to go. They can be a bit time consuming to make but I pre-cut all the triangles, making them a smidgen larger than required so I had very little trimming to do and I piece four strips at a time which also cut down on the time required.

Now that these are finished I can push on and make another couple of blocks this weekend, and then I can tackle the last two which are a bit more complicated to make and then all the blocks will be done and I can piece it all together (and pigs might fly).


  1. For someone who has "lost the love" you certainly do a good job of putting in 110% to once again make beautiful blocks.

  2. great work Pip.... One good thing about doing them "late" is you got to do them all at once. I remember getting very frustrated having to re-find the fabric and refigure what i did as i fussy cut all the geese. You are making great progress, i'd better get a move on or you will catch and pass me. :-) Maybe you could finish mine while you are in the mood hehe

  3. That's a LOT of geese Pip! Best wishes completing the block!
    I really admire your dedication to this quilt project.

  4. Oh, you're getting so close!


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