Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Centre Medallion of KGB swap quilt

When Daniela's dresden block arrived in the mail I decided that I would use her block as the central medallion in the quilt I will make with the KGB block swap blocks. The HST's were all scraps from the blocks that I made, I just grabbed a few and put them together, in hindsight I should have looked at them a little harder but it still looks ok, and the chartreuse Aboriginal Dot at each corner works well

I'll probably put another row of HST's around the outside to make it a bit larger and then decide on which block goes where in the coming weeks.  Not sure about the sashing for the outside blocks yet, maybe the charcoal spot I used here or perhaps something else, too hot to think about that now :)


  1. Love this, especially the random HST's. It's the beginning of a stunning quilt.

  2. Love all those bright happy colours! It's a dull damp day here in England, just 7'C but perfect for staying indoors to sew. You mentioning Aboriginal dots, gave me a great idea. I shall watch "Australia" on DVD this afternoon, for a sunshine boost!


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