Saturday, 11 January 2014

Block Swap final post

the last three blocks -

 this block came from Jeannie in Wellington, (NZ) aka Wellywood as it
is the hometown of the director, Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit amongst other films)
 Wellington is probably my favourite city in NZ, even though it is
often windy and has the occasional earthquake

 This block was made by Pam in Illinois, where she works for
Hancock Fabrics (how lucky is she),  Oriental Trees is
another great print from Kaffe that is really versatile.

and this cute bird block was made by Rachel who lives in New York State,
I found a pattern for this block here - adding the borders was a great
way to make it a 12" block


  1. what fun to have these lovely blocks from all over the world! I like them all very much and was most interested by the bird block. I have a book called "Go wild with quilts" that includes all sorts of (American) birds and animals made by foundation piecing. I must get it out and make some blocks. I'm off to look at the link you gave now :-D

  2. All the blocks have been lovely. Now you have the fun task of laying them out and making a quilt from them. I look forward to seeing how you tie them all together. Love the sneak peek i had the other day and hope it still works with the final block.


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