Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ready for binding

Another step taken on the Finishitis recovery road today.  I finished off the quilting on the Hexie quilt and stitched the binding on, just have to hand stitch the back part down and it will be finished, it even has a label on it.  The borders have been left unquilted as I will probably use them for feather practise further down the track.  I used cotton batting for this quilt and there is fluff everywhere, I cleaned out the machine this morning and there was so much fluff I wondered if I should be wearing a dust mask.

My Bernina 750QE has been really good so far, it has giant bobbins  compared with my old Janome, and it takes a lot of stitching before they run out.  When I was quilting Flower Garden I would check the bobbin first thing in the morning before I started quilting, the bobbin would usually last 2 days of quilting before I needed to change it over.

These photos show how much larger the new Bernina bobbin is, 
the top bobbin in both photos is the Janome bobbin.

 There is also a screen where you can check how many stitches you have sewn, I suppose you could note down the amount of stitches different projects took, if you were so inclined - I'm not :)


  1. Well done you. Love that pezzy print and red binding, a fabulous final statement. So the finishitis is still running rampant in your system, will Dear Jane or the Civil War be your next dose in the treatment. My sweet sixteen also counts the stitches and i always mean to reset the counter and always forget. It would be interesting to know how many stitches to the bobbin full and how many bobbins to a each quilt.

  2. I wish my bobbin would be as full as yours is, mine doesn't seem to want to fill all the way. You need to show the whole quilt again.

  3. A million and a half stitches? Wow! You two have been busy....I think you need to change the title of the blog :)


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