Monday, 18 November 2013

Loose ends

The last week or so I have felt slightly at a loose end, and even though I have plenty to keep me occupied,  I decided to re-arrange my work room last week, moving the sewing table to a slightly different position and moving the cube shelving as well.

The cutting table has been moved out and I am now using the sewing table to cut on, I also have the option of cutting on the cube shelving.  I consolidated (and labelled) some of my storage boxes and stacked them up in the cupboard, you can see some boxes stacked in the left hand corner, they will probably end up under the table which will leave me a fairly large vacant area which may require filling up sometime next year.

I made some more of my KGB blocks and am close to finishing them, hopefully will mail them out this week.  The new layout in my work room is working well, I think I will probably install a couple of shelves on the right hand side of the window, which will help keep the table clear as well.

Just for fun, a recent photo of Cody who was lazing around on his stand in our entertainment area out the back, he looked very comfortable even though he was upside down.


  1. We should all lie around upside down... instant facelift.
    Nice new layout for Pip creativity. It looks calm and serene!

  2. Hmmm , a perfect layout for a new acquisition next year, back to back with the sewing table . Where did you put the cutting table ?? Loving this KGB blocks, tempting as a fill in project until inspiration hits. I had a fit of the doldrums after the show last year, hope you snap out of yours quicker than i did. If your ears were burning today my quilt group were saying how much they liked your flower Garden hanging at the show. Would one of the Ikea cupboards fit under the table to take the clutter?

  3. Cody looks so adorable!
    Your blocks are really beautiful too!
    Your sewing room looks sunny, inviting and wonderfully organized!


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