Saturday, 2 November 2013

I think I'm suffering from

Finishitis,  not to be confused with the much more serious Startitis, although it was touch and go for a while as it is quite hard to get rid of Startitis once it takes hold.  There is no cure for either of these afflictions and it seems to affect all quilters (and knitters) at some stage, some are affected more seriously than others.

So after The Mister wistfully commented that "since I had finished Flower Garden perhaps I would  finish his quilt (aka the Civil War BOW quilt) and that Lady Jane quilt (aka my Dear Jane)",  I thought that perhaps it really was time to finish them both.

Even though I really love planning a new project and searching for the right fabrics, (sometimes I think that is the best part) I've found that I seem to get a bit edgy when I have a lot of unfinished projects backing up and there are a few of them stashed away in my workroom.

I've been enjoying making the swap blocks and there are four left to make, although I'm not happy with the first two that I made so I will probably make them again.  It has been fun making these blocks and is just the break I need before starting on Dear Jane and The Mister's quilt.


  1. LOL - at your post - so many of us quilters could be sisters we are so alike in our thought process! As soon as I get finished with something I have to start more - sometimes that means trying to get done with projects that have been set aside for awhile and sometimes that means starting more! I am bad about it too. I need to finish all these started and then I go ahead and start an easy one instead - oh well that one will be done quickly and then I will go back to the challenging ones.

  2. Snap, As much as i want to start something fresh and challenging i know i MUST finish a few things first. I keep finding myself cruising the on-line fabric shops, filling up shopping carts and just in time remembering there are no new projects .......yet

  3. Chuckle chuckle... you always make me smile, Pip.

    Sometimes I get blockedbrainitis. Debilitating.

  4. These are very pretty blocks Pip!
    I can totally relate to BOTH of those afflictions - thanks for your sense of humor (grin)
    Wishing you successful completion on both of those quilts!


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