Friday, 15 November 2013

I don't think that dyeing ...

is a process that I will be doing very much of in the future.  I attended an hour long dyeing workshop - Dyeing of Complements where we learnt a little bit about dyeing and dyed some fabric using two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel.

We started off just using the pure colour (green and purple) and then added varying amounts of each colour until we had nine cups of dye, added the mordant, then scrunched up the fabric and put it in small zip-lock bags and then very carefully poured the cup of dye into each bag, sealed it tight and mooshed it around to thoroughly wet the fabric with the dye.

We were given another plastic bag to put the baggies in for safe transport home, and told that we could rinse (and rinse, and rinse) the dye from the fabric the next day or safely leave it for about a week before rinsing the dye out. I chose to leave mine in the baggies for a couple of days until I had a bit more time to deal with them.

I did the workshop because I wanted to find out more about the dyeing process without having to go to the expense of buying a whole lot of dyes, equipment etc.  I don't think I will be taking up this sort of dyeing as it uses a LOT of water to rinse the fabric and I just can't bring myself to waste that amount of water.

The fabrics aren't quite as bright as the photo indicates although the green is quite bright, it was also the only colour that didn't have the blotchy effect on the fabric.  I think I might use this fabric to experiment with surface embellishment and then perhaps turn the result into journal covers.


  1. it looks pretty - I have thought about dying fabrics at times but never do because I sure don't need to pay for another hobby! I love hand dyes though but never buy them because they are so pricey

  2. an interesting exercise, and a good way to try it out. I never know how to use hand dyes, they just don't fit with my usual fabric choices. I could see some interesting textual embellishment and journal covers as an excellent end product. Just play and have fun , you have earned it.

  3. Always fun to learn something new!
    "Hand-Dyes" will always score you Brownie Points at a Quilt Show.
    (Soon we will be having to grow our own cotton, and weave our own cloth to get a ribbon!)

  4. I love dyeing just don't have the time to do it. Love doing threads especially. I use earth Palette dyes and they don't really need that much rinsing in the end so not too much waste.

  5. Pip, can I ask, what blogger template you are using? I want it so I can reply to comments but with the current template I use, thats not possible.

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  6. Good on you for trying something new. I can imagine them being turned into journal covers, they have turned out well. I'm sure you will put the fabric to good use.


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