Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Craft Fair shopping

I know you have all been waiting to see what I bought at the quilt show :)  There didn't seem to be as much variety this year,  (far too many beading/scrap booking/stamping shops for my liking) I think there were at least eight vendors from last year that didn't attend this year.  I know at least a couple of the vendors had other commitments (Houston etc) so weren't able to attend.

This nice stack of Karen Kay Buckley products were given to me as my prize for my Flower Garden applique quilt. I had been thinking about getting another pair of scissors and the Perfect Ovals so it was quite serendipitous for me.

A Bloc_Loc  Half-Square Triangle square up ruler has been on my must-get list for some time now,  so I thought might as well get the Flying Geese Square-up ruler as well.   The little scissors cost $5 and are apparently safe to take on airplanes,  I do have another pair of these scissors which were twice the price,  and that is because the spring on the more expensive ones is much stronger than that on the cheaper ones, hopefully the cheaper ones will still last a while.  The fabrics are just small pieces of voile type fabric that I will probably use as backing on very small quilts.

I also bought some yellow voile type fabric to use as quilt backing, three red fat eights to supplement the red fabrics in a quilt that is in abeyance for the moment, and a Reece Scannell shot cotton fabric pack in blues, which is possibly destined for an applique project in the future.

All in all I was very restrained this year, I didn't see too much that I really wanted or needed (apart from a HQ Sweet Sixteen)  I also did an hour long workshop on the Saturday but I will write about that another day.


  1. I bought several of the BlocLoc Rulers at the Sydney show and have to say they are fantastic! I have used the HST ones the most and they make squaring up a breeze! Certainly an excellent investment! Congrats on the ribbon!! I didn't get to the show this year......probably saved myself some money that way!

  2. I have some of the same products that you show - the little green scissors I use a lot and I have the oval's from Karen K Buckley also - the last time I went to a show there weren't as many vendors there as had been previous I was told it was too expensive for some of them to go between travel and shipping their items in - just what I heard but that is in the US

  3. Nice prize! And love the yellow voile...very pretty.
    Have fun creating new pretties with all these goodies.

  4. Pip I have to say, every time I open your blog and see your header, I want to kiss that fluffy face!

  5. I wrote a business case as part if my study for a sweet sixteen my hubby was very impressed but I still didn't get one. It's been on the wish list for a while.


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