Monday, 11 November 2013

Back to earth again ...

I took a lot of photos of the quilts and have a few to show here (permission was asked and granted for me to publish photos of these quilts on my blog)

This quilt called TheTies That Bind by Jill Radcliffe is made from ties, it was very hard to get a good photo and was one of those quilts that is better seen in real life to appreciate the way the colours work.  The quilt deservedly received the award for Best Use of Colour, it is one of those quilts that draws you in and just glows.

detail of The Ties That Bind, most of the ties were silk but I noticed there was
the odd woven tie used and these added a bit of texture to the quilt.

My friend Sheila entered three quilts this year, I think she may have started this one at the end of last year, it is entirely hand pieced, with lots of fussy cutting.  I neglected to take any close-ups of the fussy cutting, my bad :)

This quilt is Aileen's first ever quilt, which she entered in the Art Quilt category.  I first saw this quilt at the end of August and it looked nothing like this, I think Aileen lived and breathed this quilt right up until she handed it over for judging.

 The quilt itself is made of silk, which has been silkscreened with the patterns and then appliqued on to the blue silk background.  There is a lot of hand embroidery on this quilt (Aileen had never done any embroidery until this quilt) which adds great texture to the images.  Aileen kept the quilting fairly simple with gentle curved lines and straight lines of stitching using the walking foot on her machine.

 For more photos of the winning quilts, click over to the SA Quilters Guild just click on each category to view the quilts, you can also click on the quilt itself to get a larger view.  There was a lovely Dear Jane quilt which won the Traditional quilt category.


  1. Thanks Pip for this colourful update on the Adelaide Quilt Show. Great Photos.

  2. I love 'The Ties that bind' and what a beautiful thing to do with those ties, a father forever remembered. Love it.

    Joolz xx

  3. I adore Sheila's quilt! I am working on diamonds and hexagons and this quilt was very inspiring for me.

  4. I love recycling that beautiful silk material from ties into something so spectacular. Thanks for the pictures.


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