Monday, 28 October 2013

The quilts have left the building ...

I delivered all four of my quilts to my area quilt receiver on Saturday afternoon, I feel quite relieved now that they are done and out of the house, and I also have a sense of freedom as well.  Once I have finished off a large project I always experience a huge letdown and often have a feeling of aimlessness where I can't settle on making or finishing anything (even if I do have other projects waiting in the wings).

This time I thought I would try something different, a couple of weeks before I finished the quilting on Flower Garden, I joined a Kaffe Fassett block swap. I thought it would be a way to do something different and keep motivated to do a bit of stitching as well.  There are twelve members, a couple in Australia, one in Italy, two in New Zealand and the remainder in the USA (gosh, I hope they don't read this blog, let's hope not anyway*)

The brief for this block swap was to use Kaffe Fassett Collective (KFC) fabrics (Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs fabrics are included in the KFC) and as I seem to have amassed quite a few I thought it would be a way of using some of my scraps up.  The blocks are to be 12" finished, and we can make any block using whatever colours we like.

I had another block in mind but I saw some photos of this block on the interweb and thought I might make a couple of them.  It is a traditional block by Nancy Cabot (1970 in BlockBase) and is called  Spool Block, but I've also seen it referred to as a Japanese X and + block (see the Flick group here) which I think is probably a more apt name.

* if you are a KGB swap member let me know :)


  1. Phew. Well done! Fingers crossed. Good luck. Break a leg. Woops.. didnt mean that.

    Take a bow Mrs RINI....and go and give Cody 3 months of cuddles.

  2. You have put in a huge amount of work in Pip, and they are all fabulous, you should be very proud. Can't wait to see them hanging at the show . I have been looking at that x and + blocks for a while, they look great in the KFC fabrics.

  3. I like that block and have done it with a white background which gives it a totally different look than the colorful blocks that you have.

  4. Getting in on that swap would've been fun. God knows I have enough Kaffe fabric for an entire guild to For now I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you...or do my own.

  5. Oh well done. Must feel great to have them finished and handed on. Lovely quilt block, great fabrics.

  6. Love that block with your fabrics. Well done on finishing 4 quilts. Its a relief isn't it, but we put ourselves through this stress all the time. VBG!


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