Thursday, 10 October 2013

Still quilting madly ...

A baby blackbird** has been in our yard for the last couple of days, at first we thought it had fallen from the nest but after looking on Google we found out that they often spend a few days on the ground before they can fly properly.  The mother bird was busy flying back and forth feeding it and it was quite happy pecking around in the grass and dirt looking for food, later on it must have fluttered up into this echium to get off the ground.

Although Cody is an inside cat but I think he would have been more than happy to "make friends" with the baby bird.

** I must have had a brain snap - it is a baby magpie not a blackbird :)


  1. What a gorgeous purple been feeding that Cody some cream??? He looks mighty pleased about something.

  2. love that cat! and the purple plants :)

  3. Is your plant (can't remember the name right now) flowering early, looks fabulous, must check mine. I don't think we have ever had baby blackbirds, Magpies are similar. Pity you couldn't come down this week our Swallows had SEVEN babies this year, they were flying from the day they left the nest, but they have stayed nearby this year. Are you almost finished with your quilting? Must be getting close.

  4. Cute bird, and cute cat. Love the Echium. Can't grow it where I live - too wet and soil to clayie ( spelling)

  5. The photo of your cat smacking his lips is a hilarious companion to your story about the magpie. Great!


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