Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Quilting quelled* ...

*quelled - put an end to, vanquish, subdue

and one side of the binding (including two corners) has been completed - yay

a little celebratory present for me from the Mister

the seat lifts up to conceal the secret chocolate stash

boring ....


  1. You cant be too exhausted if your brain was able to put up such a funny post! Well done Pip!
    Looks like someone is missing his cuddles...

  2. What a thoughtful chap your Mister is! Ha, I have a picture of Bonnie in my latest post and her mood matches Cody's!

  3. Ooh I want to snuggle that cat!

  4. I love that chair!! what a great secret storage area you have :) of course the mister knows it is there but do the children or grandchildren?

  5. Well done Pip on quelling the beast,does that mean you are not doing anything in the flowers themselves? The chair is a well deservedI and appropriate reward. 'll be interested to hear if you find it "fit for purpose". It certainly will be a bright addition to your sewing room, and now i know where the stash is......

  6. Love the fabric. Well done on the covering!


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