Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Moving along nicely ..

Today I put most of the binding on Uzbek Patches, when I say most of, I mean that I still have to join the binding together for the last bit,  I decided to leave that till tomorrow as it is a bit fiddly and I was running out of time before I getting ready to go to work.

Quilting on Flower Garden is proceeding quite well, with about six blocks (and the borders) left to quilt,  I have some unpicking to do on one block :( not a very nice job but I'm doing it in 30 minute blocks so it isn't too bad.

Cody has also found Flower Garden very much to his liking, I left the door to my workroom open and he made the most of the opportunity until I disturbed his slumber.  The lint roller will be getting a good workout once I have finished all the quilting, his hair seems to get everywhere.

This last photo is my machine set up with two other tables to catch the overflow, I must say that it is working quite well .  Both tables are collapsible so once I've finished the quilting I will be taking them down.


  1. Cody knows a comfy, beautiful quilt when he sees it!!! *smiling*

    Love that quilting table set up... it's perfect for working on big quilts!

  2. LOL! Cody looks soooo comfy!! Your quilting area is fantastic! xxx

  3. A teensy bit envious of your great set up with machine set into table...all that's missing is the chocolate dispenser!
    Cody needs to read the Quilt Judging "Rules"...he looks very comfortable!

  4. Perfect set up with the tables. Cody looks very much at home! Glad you are pacing yourself with Flower Garden quilting, good for you!

  5. Cody looks so comfy! The quilting is looking great.

  6. Thank you for showing your tables arrangement--I had imagined something like this, and it's good to see it all laid out. You give me hope for getting my Kim McClean quilt quilted! (I've got to screw up the courage to start quilting my Lollypop Quilt.)

    Great post, Pip!

    Elizabeth E.


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