Sunday, 8 September 2013

Early start

It was an early start yesterday for me, the Mister and I went for a walk, ate breakfast then packed the car ready for the market day.  In anticipation of some down time I also took my camera, some stitching, even a book to read in the quiet moments.  Alas I didn't take a photo, read a page or even sew a stitch, while it wasn't quite go, go, go, there were enough people (see this photo here ) to keep us reasonably busy and both Sheila and I were happy with the money we made, in fact someone was heard to remark "that it looked worth holding us up"  :)

I think that everyone who attended agreed that it was a very successful day overall, if you were hungry there was a sausage sizzle or devonshire tea (the scones, jam and cream were just divine) and it is very hard to resist buying a snag or two once you catch the smell of the sausages cooking on the barbeque.

my one purchase of the day - a bargain at 50 cents
normally I would have spent a bit more but I put
it down to having the lurgy

Would I do it again?  definitely, it is a great way to clear/clean out the stash, have a bit of fun at the same time and meet people.  We learnt that it would have been better to have more twenty and ten dollar notes ($200 and $100 worth respectively) and that 10c and 5c coins were a bit redundant.  Today I hope to return my workroom to it's usual tidy state of tidiness, and then spend the afternoon quilting on Flower Garden as I have less than two months to to finish it off and I have put my entry form in so there is no pulling out now.


  1. I agree Pip, it was such a fun day. I can't see where any of the bits and pieces went from my sewing room, barely made a dent, but i am very happy with the cash i made. It will come in handy when the Festival of quilts comes around. I am sure your little caddy will come in handy around your workroom or armchair, its so sweet. I too have spent the morning tidying my room and wonder now whether to vacuum or quilt. We might breath easier if i vacuum first :-) Thanks for a great day, look forward to doing it all again.

  2. I'm glad you and Sheila had fun at market AND made you some spending money at the same time. I love that little caddy thing... very cute!

    I learned a new word today... I wonder if I can work it into a conversation this coming week?


  3. Looks like you got a bargain..and a great way to destash..hope your quilting of Flower Gardenwent well

  4. Two of us "down" with the lurgy here...but not too ill to read blogs! Glad you had a great the box.

  5. lurgy? here's another one of your words I need defined here in North America. Please define for us.

    1. If you hover your mouse over the word lurgy you may notice a link to the definition, (the link will usually show in the bottom left hand corner of your browser, usually something like this: you can just click on the link and a new window will open taking you to the definition of lurgy.


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