Monday, 12 August 2013

One block down

Free motion quilting a large quilt is very different from free motion quilting small quiltlets, still I daresay by the time I have done a few more blocks I will be more comfortable with the whole thing.

I've started with a middle block and will work my way out, so that hopefully by the time I reach the borders my quilting will have improved.  I'm using Wonderfil Decobob for the background quilting and a clear monofilament for the echo quilting and the extra quilting inside the applique, that way when if there is an oopsy it is less noticeable and another bonus is I don't have to worry about colour matching.


  1. Nice job! it makes your appliqué look all puffy and 3D

  2. Looks good. The applique is standing out very well.

  3. the close quilting puts the applique motif in great relief , good idea to use the monofilament.

  4. Those flowers are bouncing out from the background...gorgeous! dont bother to reply until you come up for air!

  5. Your machine quilting is beautiful Pip!
    All of your applique' pieces stand out so beautifully.
    I am amazed at your ability to quilt large pieces like this so fabulous on your sewing machine!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Pip! Love the colors, and as always you do such beautiful work!

  7. Wow Pip, you're doing a great job! It is so hard to quilt such a large quilt on a domestic machine... can't wait to see it all done! xxx

  8. Looking wonderful Pip, I love the design you've chosen.


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