Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Now that Flower Garden is finished to the flimsy stage, I have been practising my FMQ (free motion quilting).  I got so hot and bothered wrestling around the finished quilt whilst pressing it that I've decided to get the quilt basted at a long arm quilt studio, I feel that it will be a better result than attempting to do it myself.

These are some of my practise pieces, I haven't done very much FMQ and it is a skill that I would like to acquire, so I will be spending a lot of time practising in preparation for quilting Flower Garden, I don't want to stuff it up :)

In between FMQ practise (very important to take regular breaks) I have been rearranging my stash, I've removed all the small pieces from the piles and put them in the clear plastic boxes on the top which has given me more space to stack the remaining fabric.

I read an interesting post about being stashless and happy here and while I don't think I would like to be completely stashless, I think the idea does have merit.


  1. A good beginning Pip, some nice curves happening. Practice every day... try tracing off some of your applique shapes and quilting around them and in them. There isn't a lot of open negative space in the flower garden.

  2. PS , i read somewhere on Leah Days blog this week.. when beginning, pick one design you like and do only that on about 4 quilts to get comfortable before branching out.

  3. Has that freshly arranged stash got the Cody tick of approval? I was half expecting to see him getting comfortable in one of the cubbies.
    I have just made 8 baby bibs from my stash. I could not have bothered going out looking for the fabric when I got my urge...and also.....I am collecting raspberry colours for a quilt is taking an age.... If I left it until I was ready to make the quilt I'd never find a raspberry. Its like having a paint box with only 2 colours... you need all the colours to become truly creative. Good luck with the free motion...I guess you wont be coming up for air for a few months!

  4. me too - I think have a very small stash is helpful but we all tend to change our taste over the years then have a bit of fabric that we do not really care for and we are never sure how to use it up!

  5. Your FMQ practice pieces look terrific!
    Having your quilt longarm basted is a smart idea.
    I suggest it to my students that consider hand quilting large pieces.
    Your stash looks wonderfully organized!

    Wishing you fabulous success FMQing your beautiful Flower Garden quilt!

  6. I'm quite impressed with your FMQ practice pieces. They look really lovely to me.

    I'm pasting in a link here about how Sandra Leichner quilts her appliqued pieces: It's been a big help to me to figure this out, so I'm passing it along.

    I, too, am going to take my Lollypop Quilt to be basted at my long-armer's before I start quilting--but I'm not tackling any of that until September. I'll look forward to your progress.

    And no, I could not live without my stash, especially since I pull from it quite regularly so I'm not only sewing up one line of fabric. I think it's important to have a mix. But the downside is that we are having to "take care" of it, that's for sure!

    Elizabeth E.

  7. I love your FMQ practice. The "stashless quilter" article was an interesting read. I have far too much on the stash front, but I don't think I would be happy being completely stashless. When we first moved to Melbourne we were without our "stuff" for six months. I missed having some fabric to play with whenever inspiration struck and as we were building a new business there was no spare cash to buy fabric. I felt quite "stuck". Having said that, I do think that less is definitely more desirable! When I got the stash back it was such a lovely feeling. Since then, I have worked mostly from the stash, just picking up bits and pieces to make something work occasionally. I am working on depleting the stash. Eventually I hope to just have a small stash.


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