Saturday, 27 July 2013

I think I've got it ...

Yesterday I experimented with different threads but couldn't seem to find something that was right, I made quite a few samples so got a reasonable amount of practise in.  I really like variegated threads but I think using them will highlight any "oopsies" that I make, so I've finally decided to go with a pale pink thread in the top and the bobbin.

I threaded up the machine again, then started having all sorts of problems with thread breakage and shredding, at first I thought it was the thread and then I discovered I had left the bobbin cover open, doh, (who knew that could affect it so much).  Once the bobbin cover was closed everything came good, I stitched a little more and then decided to call it quits for the day.

This morning, I stitched this small sample up using Invisafil Decobob for the top thread and Superior Bottomline in the bobbin, I'm quite happy with how it is coming out, and it is looking ok on the back (bottom photo) as well.  I've decided to use a loop and flower combination, I seem to be able to stitch it fairly easily, now I just need consistency and practise with the starting so I don't get a long stitch. 

I'm finding that my reading glasses work better for doing this sort of stitching, and it takes a lot of concentration, I can't let my mind start to wander off as then my stitching starts to wander as well.


  1. Nice job Pip! I went to a class once and had a try, it's so much harder than I'd thought. I managed to produce a half decent sample, but have yet to brave a proper quilt!

  2. Looking good Pip, Looking at your fabric have you thought using the circle in the middle of the squares to help get a rounder loop. You could try Photocopying a pice of the fabric and see if you can draw loops, joining up the squares putting a flower after every 5 or so .

  3. You are doing great Pip! I find playing music helps allot. Pick something that fits your rhythm and it helps to keep you there, if that makes any sense. Needles make a dif with thread breakage. 90/14 work best for most threads, all depends on the thread size/weight.
    Stop and stretch often, practice allot and above all... have fun!

  4. I actually have a pair of "close-up" glasses for just this sort of thing. It helps prevent headaches and eye strain, but it is good to take eye breaks once in a while to get things back to normal. Looks like you are making progress on all of this!


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