Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Has anybody seen my blogging mojo??

Can you tell me where it's gone??    (apologies to Dick Holler)

So my back is better, although it still gives me a little reminder when I do something silly, (like bending over the light box to trace something, instead of sitting down to do it).  

 I don't seem to have any desire to blog at this moment in time, I've even gone off blog reading as well.  One good thing, less internet time means more time for working on Flower Garden and Uzbek Patches.  I've finished the bottom border, started on the top border, and am making good progress quilting Uzbek Patches.

The List has taken a backseat for now, I've decided that I MUST FOCUS on finishing both Flower Garden and Uzbek Patches, so far I am on track with both of them.  Much as I would love to, I can't afford to be sidetracked by other more seductive projects, they will still be waiting for me in November.

 I tried diffusing the flash in this photo, I'm not sure it was too successful

this photo was taken in natural light (late afternoon)

I'm really enjoying quilting this quilt, no hoop or thimble, using a variety of different threads, my stitches are quite big, it takes me about 30 minutes to do one line, for the moment I'm doing the quilting I have to do, then time permitting, I will go back and add more lines.


  1. I am in love with your flower garden Pip, it has a real 60's/70's folky feel. Do you remember the kids (and grown ups!) TV animation called Magic Roundabout, it makes me think if that everytime I see it :-D

  2. sometimes I think I need to take a break from blogging and blog reading as well - I might get more done

  3. I think your blogging mojo must have run off with mine. :) Love your flower garden piece--your little kitty makes me smile. I need to work on mine (and a few million other UFO's).

  4. You've given your blogging mojo to me! Sorry! I am not being nearly so creative but am really enjoying blogging once again. I have just begun my 7th year of blogging and at times it does get difficult to keep the pace up but be assured it will return when it's ready. Love both your current projects, love your colour sense.

  5. Glad your back is better. Loving your work. I've missed your posts, but totally understand. Just keep on quilting!!

  6. I know what you mean Pip. My blogging mojo has gone too. I think its since I've discovered Facebook, where one only has to write one sentence. VBG! Love love your Flower Garden quilt. Glad your back is getting better! :-)

  7. Blogging mojo...mine seems to have disappeared too? I will hopefully do a post on the weekend. Your flower garden is coming along nicely, nice and colourful.

  8. I love those patches,. the cats, the birds, the stylized trees, they have a really happy feel to them and made me smile!

    Leanne x

    1. Thanks Leanne, it makes me smile when I seem them too, I really enjoy selecting the different fabrics for each piece.

  9. I love your trees! they just make me smile
    the quilting looks wonderful, I can't wait to see a full picture of this quilt
    keep blogging about your quilt, I am happy to be inspired to keep going on mine!


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