Thursday, 18 April 2013

Some fabric lusciousness

I have been very quiet lately, not much to show really when all I am doing is quilting lines on the Uzbek Patches (I'm thinking of naming my quilt - Lines in the Uzbek) and preparing applique and doing applique on Flower Garden, all quite tedious work although I am enjoying the quilting but I am limiting myself to two hours a day.

Even my fabric buying has slowed down although I did indulge myself just a little, these are my recent acquisitions - 

 La Couture by Stof  100% linen and 150cm wide
no plans for this as yet, although the red might make a nice skirt,
I do love text inspired prints

 some gorgeous Kaffe Fasset fabrics
Black Sprays, Mad Plaids (mauve and beige) 
and Keiko Goke - Lime/Purple Zip
all destined for use in Flower Garden

and yet more lusciousness - Keiko Goke fabrics
no defined plans for these either, maybe 
they will appear in a small quilt or wallhanging.


  1. Arent the colours saturated! I love Keiko Goke and have a few that I pat regularly and refuse to cut up in case they are squandered. Your stash is divine. Happy quilting!

  2. You are lucky i did not pinch them today. Such gorgeousness. i am off to check the web site.... now who's the enabler?? :-)

    Like Salley i do so relate to the concept of not squandering luscious fabric.. its almost crippling at times. Have to have it, but once it is used in something "special" you no longer have it and you just might need it for something even more special. Arghhh !

    Keep stitching away my friend, both projects are coming along beautifully.

  3. Beautiful fabric you got there. I'm sure you will not have problems finding a project.

  4. You've purchased some really gorgeous fabrics Pip!
    Can't wait to see how you use them all!

  5. Yes your fabric is gorgeous. Use it, I say. You can enjoy it in the quilt instead of letting it lie hidden in drawer, overshadowed by neighbours.

  6. I can see we have similar tastes! First, Kaffe and now Keiko Goke! I have some of those fabrics, but it tells me I'd better get busy and find some more. What will you do with them? That's always my dilemma (I have enough tote bags, thank you). I'll stay tuned to see where they end up.

    Elizabeth E.


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