Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Slack blogger (again)

I spent Saturday making all of these circles for Flower Garden (read more here)  once I got into the swing of making them, it didn't seem to take too long, although I still need many more circles, there are a lot of circles on this quilt.

I hurt my back on Sunday morning while I was at work, it has meant I can't do too much sitting apart from in the recliner chair which for some reason is the only comfortable chair although when I get up it takes a little while before I can move freely again.  On the positive side I am still able to do the quilting on Uzbek Patches and applique the circles to Flower Garden, so progress is being made there.

I have a good supply of quilting books and magazines to work my way through and the postie has been kind bringing me a little surprise from Joy who lives in Arabia, and also my monthly fabric fix from Material Obsession.


  1. sorry to hear you have hurt your back Pip....hope you are taking it easy and getting some hand stitching/quilting done. I saw Sheila's quilt at AQC the other's very impressive!

  2. Poor, you! as a fellow sufferer, I really empathise. I hope you'll be feeling more like your old self soon.
    I am intrigued by the circles, I am really looking forward to seeing how you will use them. I remember some tiny blue circles being used for the birdy fountain, can I have a sneak preview? :-D

  3. Bad to hear your back is bad, I am over mine now but it took a lot longer this time to get over it.... must be getting old. Hope you recover quickly but at least you have an excuse to sit and sew.

  4. hope your back heals up fast. Love the circles, they can be tedious after awhile to make though - take it from someone who has made hundreds of them.

  5. Hope your back is much better - nasty complaint. Love your circles.

  6. I was away when you posted this... I am sorry to hear you hurt your back!
    I hope you are on the mend and feeling much better!
    You have quite a pile of beautiful little circles, happy to hear you are able to do some hand work! Take Care!


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