Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Playing with fabric

Once I cleaned off my cutting table I was left with this pile of fabric bits and pieces - what to do?

fortunately this book arrived in the mail today, so I had a very quick look through and decided that I would have a little play, although it did turn out to be longer than 15 minutes, more like a couple of hours,

and this is what I ended up with, not quite finished yet, as I think I will add a bit more to the edges so I can straighten it up a bit.

With the exception of the teal strips the rest of the fabric was scraps and offcuts from the Flower Garden, and don't worry, I still have plenty more where they came from.  It was great just sitting there at the sewing machine and sewing away without a care in the world.


  1. This activity is seriously warned!

  2. Now that looks like fun!

  3. "sewing away without a care in the world."

    Sounds perfect Pip!

    A few years ago I made a crazy quilt similar to this, just joining random bits of fabric, it was addictive and I taught my friend last year and she became addicted too :-D

  4. I have Victoria's book too and it has cool ideas doesn't it. Seeing as I had seen most of the photos on line in her blog I went ahead and got it on my kindle instead.

  5. Looks good must get my hands on that book.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion on trying out coral and turquoise. That should work.
    I have Victoria's book - love it!

  7. I have this book too, it is great. And your piece looks really good.

  8. A couple of hours with fabric scraps and a new book sounds perfect to me!
    Lots of great fabrics there too!

  9. Isn't Victoria's book wonderful? And I adore what you have come up with. It's so liberating and the results are beautiful! xo


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