Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The Mister rides a motorbike, on Sunday while riding with some friends, he took a corner a wee bit too fast and came off, he was ok apart from a laceration to his shin, the bike alas is not, but a motorbike can be replaced the Mister cannot.

Quite early this morning he was in considerable pain which necessitated a trip to the emergency department of the local hospital.  Before we left I took the time to pack up my prepared pieces for this weeks Grandmother's Choice block, and I'm so happy that I did.  We spent a bit of time waiting and piecing my block really made the time fly by.

#27 - Grandmother's Dream

I had hoped to get the centre cross lined up better but when I had a closer look at the print I realised that the stripe is actually a wonky stripe anyway, the block needs a good press but it came out really well I think.  Oh ... and the Mister, well he has two fractures in his pelvis so he will be needing to rest a lot for the next six weeks or so.


  1. thank heavens for hand piecing at times like this. So glad the mister's accident was no worse.. good luck keeping him resting and occupied for the next 6 weeks..
    your block turned out well, I had similar issues with mine, using a print that could not be cut symmetrically

  2. Oh my goodness Pip, how frightening for you both. I'm glad that Mister wasn't seriously hurt. Thank heavens for hand piecing to keep you busy!

  3. So sorry to hear about the Mister's accident! I hope he heals quickly!

    That hand pieced block of yours is awesome! LOVE it!

  4. nice block! Not so nice motorcycle mishap! Ouch! I hope he heals quickly.

  5. Oh my for the Mister, hoping he heals quickly. Wonderful that this block was at your ready to hand piece at such a time. Well done, your fussy cuts look great for all 3 fabrics, love the frame. Take care

  6. So glad to hear the mister is ok - very scary! Block looks fab. All the best to the mister for his recovery - hope he can obey the doctor's orders!

  7. Oh my goodness! Certanly not the way you want a bike ride to end. I hope his recovery goes well. Love your latest block.

  8. Hope the Mister is painfree whilst he recovers. I love to have some hand work ready to grab as I rush out the door on an unexpected errand. I consider myself to be truly organised when I have that. At the moment I am not organised and should I need to rush to the hospital with some injured person I would wait. And wait. And wait.

  9. Oh thats awful. Nice block, despite the stress...great fussy cutting of the green and I like the purple fabric.

  10. Hope the recovery goes well.
    You will have lots of nursing time to hand stitch! It's amazing how you have kept up to date with all these blocks!

  11. Oh wow, I'm so glad Mister is not worse, but fractures in the pelvis ouch! I hope he heals up well. Your block is stunning I love the fabrics you have used. xo

  12. Anonymous19/3/13 17:21

    My beloved stopped riding a motorbike when he worked out that only cats have nine lives. Hope your Mister heals well. Love your Flower Garden blocks, BTW.

    1. This is his third one and the most serious, he is healing well but is grumpy that he can't be up and about. Thanks for the compliments on the Flower Garden blocks.


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