Sunday, 3 March 2013

Linen skirt

Last week I made this linen skirt using some Echino fabric I bought last year. While I was surfing around the interweb recently,  I saw this skirt and thought I could make one similar so I ordered the Sew What! Skirts book from the library.  Once the book arrived I was ready to make a skirt, but in the meantime I had changed my mind and decided to use the Echino linen instead.

 front view 

I followed the instructions in the book and noted the required measurements down, the book also suggested that you could make a pattern from a favourite skirt.  I have a skirt which I like the fit of, so I took measurements from that and surprise, surprise they were nearly the same as the ones I had taken from myself.
I used some hot pink linen for my facing

As I prefer my skirts to sit lower than my actual waistline I was able to allow for that in the pattern as well. The tutorials on the And so, I sew blog were really helpful when used with the book.  I need to fine tune my pattern though, as I ended up with a funny shape at the waistline, (I just trimmed it back) probably reader error on my part.

 back view (I have even daringly exposed my flesh)

 I made the A-line Skirt, fitted waist version with a side zipper,

The zipper went in very easily, once again I used the tutorial on the And so, I sew blog, then it was just a matter of trying on the skirt to see if any adjustments needed to be made - a couple of darts in the back (not forgetting to duplicate them in the facing), another fitting to check and then sew the facing on, finish it off nicely at the top and then fray the hem.

I definitely will make another skirt from this book, I think maybe a scrappy, patchwork one will do the trick.


  1. Oh well done! I like the fabric, and "A" line suits you.
    Will a Patchwork one be channeling GC.. Uzbek.. or DJ?

  2. Very smart Pip, you look enviably trim!
    Can't wait to see the patchwork one!

  3. Pretty! And it looks great on you! I should sew some clothes because I have lots of requirements. It has to be long enough to cover my knees, sleeves have to cover my arms at least down past my elbows, etc., etc. :-)

  4. Great skirt--such lovely fabric and so many colors to coordinate with!

  5. What a beautiful skirt ! I applaud you !!!

  6. That is a lovely skirt, beautiful fabric. It looks like a good comfortable fit.

  7. that is an excellent book I purchased it a couple of years ago and made a couple of skirts by drafting a pattern. Had problem with the waist as well (I always have problem with the waist because of my shape) I just put darts in it. The skirt looks fantastic though love the fabric.

  8. Great skirt!! Love the fabric and it looks so good on you. Serious skirt envy!


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