Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I'm trying this reader out too

I'm trying out Bloglovin as a blog reader also, if you are interested in Bloglovin  this link is the one to click.  So far I am trying out three other readers, I'm also going to start a Blog Roll in the sidebar of my blog, nothing like trying out all the available options is there?


  1. I think I have settled on Bloglovin. I down loaded a couple to my ipad and I just couldn't get what I wanted this one seems to be a keeper. the others were just too flashy and had too many options all I want to do is read my blogs not the papers from the us or anything else.

  2. Just red that two little banshees has given bloglovin the thumbs down. Let us know what you settle on Pip

  3. did you sign up with Facebook or iTunes or email? I would want to know the ramifications of a third party entering into what i am reading... its all too hard.

  4. feedly here. like many others, you get a seamless transition from google reader AND i didn't want to go on a(n intrusive) social network, although you can shift over if you want to. whatever you add to google reader between now and retirement day automatically shifts over. it's also very easy to add URLs that don't offer feedly as an RSS choice. and the support is outstanding.

    before you make your final decision check it out.


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