Friday, 22 March 2013

And another one gone, and another one gone

another one bites the dust ...

the penultimate block is finished, a big effort by me this weekend should see the final block completed, just leaving the four borders to be done. I intend to complete the bottom and top borders before starting on the side borders,  I am well underway with the bottom border as you can see here

I have done a little more quilting on Uzbek Patches, so far I like the direction that I'm heading with this, the variegated threads look good (I'm using several different ones) and just eyeballing the lines, doing Kantha style stitching.


  1. I really like that flower, such perfect curves. Loving Uzbek patches, the variegated thread looks great. The side borders are a cinch after the top and bottom ones.

  2. That flower block looks great...very stylish.

  3. Gorgeous block--love the veins on the Chard fabric!

  4. I want that flower in my house! It is beautiful! You have great fabrics in all your flowers and all appliqued to perfection.

  5. Another great block! Luuuurve the hand quilting!! It looks like so much fun.


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