Thursday, 28 February 2013

The List - Monthly Update

I think that I have made more progress this month, alas there is still no progress on Dear Jane and the Civil War Sampler Quilt (CWSQ) next month I must try harder with these two quilts :)

  1. Flower Garden quilt - I have done some work on the coral tree section in the bottom border and have decided that I MUST finish the coral tree before doing any other work on this.
  2. Dear Jane - Kind of Blue - NO PROGRESS
  3. Civil War Sampler quilt - NO PROGRESS
  4. Grandmother's Choice BOW - totally up to date
  5. Pheasantville - there was progress on this quilt but it has suffered a minor setback due to the striped fabric being printed offgrain, and I know that the wonkiness of it will always annoy me so I have to undo part of it and substitute a different fabric for the stripe in this part of the quilt.
  6. Uzbek Patches -quilt top is finished, thinking about the quilting now and also need to purchase batting.
  7. Museum Medallion - the inner and outer circle have been completed, next step is the centre sawtooth
  8. Frame Medallion quilt -NO PROGRESS
  9. Sue Spargo - NO PROGRESS and I suspect there will be none until the cooler weather
  10. I made a skirt - pictures later

A stunning sunset from a couple of nights ago


  1. Those are gorgeous sunset pics. You made progress on a good lot of your projects this month. My DJ has suffered badly too - way over due for doing some more.

  2. love that block you show, what quilt is it for

  3. You kept very busy this Month Pip!
    It sounds like you accomplished a lot. The block you shared is gorgeous, what quilt is that from?
    LOVE those amazing sunset pictures!

  4. Ae you re channelling your high school report card... "must try harder". I cant believe it! You are so focussed and so clever, neat, creative.
    Lovely sunsets....and have you run out of dotty fabric yet? Love these blocks.

  5. Wow, those sunsets are amazing. We haven't had any speccy ones here for a while. The smoke has blown away again so the skies are clearer.


  6. Beautiful sunsets. Hope to see some soon! LOVE that block.:-)


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