Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bye Bye Monkey ...

The monkey is well and truly off my back as today I finished off the last of the outstanding Grandmother's Choice blocks. The last time I looked at them was before Christmas so there was a bit of catching up to do, (eleven blocks in fact) hence the monkey sitting heavily on my back.

I took a quick photo before I closed my workroom for the day, tomorrow I will make the new block, (fingers crossed for a nice, easy one) then join the blocks up and fix up the sashing on the second row as it is a bit out of kilter.

Some closeups of the fabric I used for Uzbek Patches, the shot cotton 
at the bottom of the first photo is a Reece Scannell fabric, lots of lovely colours in it.

 some of the border fabrics and stripe,

the fabric at the top of this photo was my inspiration fabric for Uzbek Patches


  1. Wow thanks for those close ups! Your GC has really moved along... I bet you are feeling so virtuous now at all this clever creating! That new "Silver" must be working overtime, in your sleep....or little elves have entered your room. You are on a roll....and its all lovely. Well done.

  2. Looking good, you must be loving your wall.

  3. A great catch up Pip, they all look great.


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