Thursday, 31 January 2013

The List - monthly update

A little bit of progress on The List this month, but some progress is better than none, right?

  1. Flower Garden quilt - two blocks made (I will be posting these on the Kim McLean Down Under blog)
  2. Dear Jane - Kind of Blue - NO PROGRESS
  3. Civil War Sampler quilt - NO PROGRESS
  4. Grandmother's Choice BOW - NO PROGRESS (although I have printed off all the blocks ready to make, but I don't think that really counts as progress)
  5. Pheasantville - the centre medallion is finished and I have started on a block 
  6. Uzbek Patches - 4 rows completed and blocks made for 2 more rows, great progress on this one
  7. Museum Medallion - completed the centre star
  8. Frame Medallion quilt - added the bottom border
  9. Sue Spargo - NO PROGRESS (and besides it has been too hot most days to work with a wool quilt)
  10. ????? - this is a blank space at the moment :)

Centre star for Museum Medallion, 
since I took this photo I have added the other seven outside pieces.

finally settled on a stripe for the Museum Medallion quilt


    1. the striped fabric is a perfect choice.

    2. I agree with Kath.... the stripe is Made for the leafy dot fabric. Love the perfectly pointed star on your new white design wall.
      Did you make any "progress" in buying more fabric!?

    3. Love the stripe for museum medallion. You're making progress on your list - it is only month one!


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