Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Where are

George Clooney or Ryan Gosling when you need them?

I need some help folding fat quarters 

With the aim of creating a bit more room in my workroom
I moved some furniture around today

it took me most of the day, 
who knew I had so much fabric and stuff hidden away in here

 almost there, this corner is quite messy,
I can see a trip to Ikea happening soon

if I move that picture, I can see a design wall here

 With all the moving things around, I didn't do any stitching today, hopefully I will do better tomorrow.


  1. I am trying to get some perspective on the room. I think i need to book an "inspection " appointment. I am sure if you made up a template your very amiable mister could help. Or leave it aside and your sister and i could do it in January

  2. How lovely to have a designated sewing room, that's something I really miss. I'm sure you'll soon have it all ship-shape and yes I can see a design wall there too!

  3. Help is on the way Pip. 7 more days and Santas little helper will arrive. Jenny

  4. it is always good to clean a sewing room now and then - it is amazing what we can find when we try to organize

  5. Dont we store so much stuff in our sewing rooms/areas. Your photos are reminiscent of when I have a clean up - must be part of our (stash builder) disease I think.

  6. Those GC and RG dialogues are so funny! Did you have a furry helper or is it too hot for Cody to get out of his shadow?
    Glad you have a "new' organised space for your 2013 projects ..good Karma..means beautiful sewing.

  7. Well done you! I am constantly amazed at how much "stuff" accumulates! Like the idea of a design wall. You'll be all set for 2013!

  8. Great Work Pip... I started re-organising my craft space and have had a half messed up half tidy craft room and spilled my sewing/doll house making table into our lounge room, so added mess to the rest of the house too.

    I still need at least 1 Ikea trip before I can finish!

    PS Yes I do think that wall is calling out to be Pip's Design Wall

  9. You need to come back to NZ and TRY to organise my sewing room. There's no room for me in it. Have a safe and happy Christmas. :-)


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