Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stringy is finished

I can cross Stringy off the To Do list now as I finished stitching the binding on late last night.  I'm really pleased that I didn't buy any fabric for this quilt, the strings were all scraps and the backing and binding fabrics were from my stash, even the batting was scraps*,  Stringy finished up at roughly 140 cm (55") square.

I really enjoyed making this quilt, mainly because I didn't really think about the end result I just stitched madly away. To get an idea of making a string quilt, I read through the String Quilting Primer at Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville.  I used pages from an old phone book which I trimmed to a square,  then marked a diagonal line across the square, I centred my first piece of fabric on the line (sometimes it wasn't centred too well) put another piece of fabric on top and started stitching happily away.

After I had made the first block, I started chain piecing about eight at a time, which was how I managed to finish the blocks so quickly, it was a really enjoyable process.  Most of the time I just grabbed a piece of fabric that was the right length and added it, sometimes I would use another piece if the fabrics didn't have a reasonable contrast.

For the quilting I just marked a circle in the middle, then used my walking foot to stitch around it, then just kept on stitching in a big spiral until I thought it was big enough, then I started a circle on a corner.  I came to grief after I had done a circle in each corner as the fabric was pushed into the gaps between the circles and there were a few folds happening.  Next time I do a circle like this I will just continue on until I reach the edge of the quilt, I didn't worry about spacing the lines and just kept moving the quilt around as I stitched, very quick and easy.

* I used  fusible tape to hold the strips of batting together,  for me this was much more successful than stitching it together which is what I have done with the batting for the Soul Searching quilt, the batting in that quilt has a few ridges in it, which I hope will quilt out.


  1. Oh, how beautiful! I love string quilts and yours is fab!

  2. Another great finish. Beautiful!

  3. very pretty-I love the colors!thanks for telling us how you did it.

  4. Pip this turned out really well. So liberating to just wing it on both the piecing and quilting, you should be well pleased... now i want one too, Arghhhh

  5. Pip can I ask, the second photo, is the large yellow section in the middle of your quilt?
    The fabrics you chose are really lovely.
    This quilt is so attractive, I will have a look at the link you gave.

  6. It looks great..love the colours from your scraps..might be one to put on my to-do list for sometime in the future..

  7. This quilt turned out so beautiful!
    I am so impressed that you only used fabrics from your stash. My ... what lovely scraps you have. (grin)

  8. Looks really great Pip, Well done, I like your quilting idea too, must try that one.

  9. Thanks for sharing that Pip, it certainly looks great,


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