Saturday, 1 December 2012

I'm wondering where November

has gone, it only seems like a week ago that it was the beginnning of November and now it is the first of December and we are into the silly season.  My  thoughts are already starting to drift towards projects for next year,  I will be kept fairly busy finishing off the Flower Garden quilt, keeping up with Grandmother's Choice BOW and pottering on my Frame quilt.

I have two other quilts in the works for next year, after commenting on this post  on Cathy's blog Cabbage Quilts, I was contacted by Judy Newman (a very fine house) who created the pattern for the lovely Museum Medallion quilt (below).  Judy very kindly offered to send me a pattern with her compliments, of course I happily accepted and yesterday the pattern arrived in the mail.

this white spot on pink is a possible candidate for the background in the middle

I've only had a brief look at the pattern but it needs careful reading before I go any further.  I would like to use mainly stash fabrics in this quilt, but I will probably have to purchase a couple as I don't think I have the required yardage in my stash, I need to do some calculations first and check out possible candidates.


  1. Anonymous1/12/12 05:44

    Hi Pip, I saw your comment on Meredithe's blog, about trying to mostly use fabrics from your stash - I have already declared next year as "the year of using it up", trying as far as possible to only use my stash (I may have added a few fabrics over the last few weeks!!)
    At least I have a few hours of November left to enjoy, before the madness of December starts!
    With regards from the chilly Scottish Borders, Anne

  2. Lucky you! I'll admit I'm a bit jealous. I've looked at this pattern (online) a few times myself. One day I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy it online since I know I'll never find it at our local quilt shops.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  3. I know...where did November go! Can't believe it's a month since I did my last post. Enjoyed having a browse through your posts and looking at all your lovely fabrics and projects. Enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

  4. ooooh lucky you, i have been musing about that pattern for a while.Still trying to cement plans for a medallion for next year.
    The poor quilt shops that are going to have to survive without your help next year. :-)


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