Sunday, 2 December 2012


I spent far too much of today playing with different fabric combinations and trying to decide on colours for Museum Medallion.  I usually like to select my main fabrics and colours first, but I'm having trouble deciding what colour and fabric I want as the border around the centre medallion.  

 My thinking is that because there is quilting in this border 
then the fabric shouldn't detract from the quilting, 
so I've been auditioning the "sprigged flower" fabrics as they have
 sufficient blank area for the quilting to show up nicely.

I also think that the striped border should stand out a bit as well, 
I don't think the stripes in the first photo are going to work and neither
 will the stripe in the last two photos.  The stripe above seems to be the best.

I would really like to use the pink spot as my background, but I need to make 
sure it works with both the stripe and the main fabric, so I've also 
auditioned a plain white background, which will give me another option.

These are just my first thoughts regarding colours, I'm going to have to do a bit of fabric shopping and I'm sure the "right" fabric will jump out and say "pick me"  and preferably before the end of the year.

I finished this block off today, I had done the leaves some time ago and thought I should finish it off, now I have six blocks left to make, one block closer to finishing all the blocks off.


  1. picking out the right combo for fabric sometimes is so hard - you will get it in the end for what works for you.
    love the block

  2. I'm sure you'll get exactly what you want and looks best. Your work is always beautiful.

  3. from this distance i really like the pink spot with the wiggly vine stripe and blue sprig... its unexpected.
    Your FG is growing rapidly.. very exciting to see each bloom reach maturity

  4. My vote goes with the 3rd photo - love the pink/white spot as background and think it will work really well. Go for it!!

  5. I'm sure the "right" fabric will jump out and say "pick me"

    you are so right Pip. I must say I favour that pretty green.

  6. Wow...another gorgeous flower block Pip!
    It really can be difficult at times to make fabric decisions.
    You could always choose the fabric you love best and work around it.
    Best Wishes, whatever you decide I know it will turn out fabulous!


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