Sunday, 9 December 2012

Come together

I belong to a group of quilters on Facebook (Quilt Club Australia) and one of the group's members was travelling through Adelaide on her way back to Melbourne, so the South Australia members decided it was a good excuse for a quilty get together to meet Kiera and because we are quilters we just had to have some show and tell.

I took quite a few photos (even then I still missed out on a few quilts) but didn't take any notes, so I'm relying on my memory, so I may not have attributed the right name to the right quilt, I hope I have,  all corrections will be cheerfully accepted.

 Sue's first quilt
I loved the colours in this quilt

 Sue's Craftsy BOM quilt
another quilt with great colour combinations

Sue's dragon quilt

 Sheila's first quilt 
made back in the 70's

 Churn Dash quilt made by Jill
I loved the quilting Jill did in this quilt

twin quilts made by Jill

 Wheels to the West - made by Jill
this quilt had a prairie point finish on the outside edge
 (this quilt was awarded 3rd place at the recent Adelaide Festival of Quilts
 in the Traditional - Amateur category)

 quilt by Sheila

Plus quilt by Lara

 quilt by Kate

Rainbow Reverse Star quilt by Lara
you can read more about this quilt here and see the lovely backing fabric too.

drawstring bag made by Lara
note the tape measure used as the pull cord  - very cute

 Diamond Detours quilt by Sheila

William Morris quilt by Di
I am almost tempted to put this quilt on my "one day" list,
the background fabric is a gorgeous pearlised cotton which really makes the applique pop

Birds of Australia quilt by Di


  1. i had a wonderful day... i don't know where i was for half that "show and tell"... probably getting coffee or lunch... so thanks for taking all those photo's . It was also good to see the progress on your strip quilt and soul searching too, i guess we will see pics when they are done. What a fabulous bunch of quilters, hope we get to do it again.

  2. It was such a great day, had such a lovely time. I have a feeling Sheila that you had disappeared to the kitchen for a bit there! Love your sewing room. Thanks Pip for taking these photos, I missed a few there! Definitely have to all catch up again down the track!

  3. Looks like you all had a blast. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us XX

  4. What a great idea for a get together and to meet up...fabulous quilts on display, I love the visual impact of the Churn dash and the William Morris

  5. Wow Party time! Thanks for the show and tell...lovely quilts from the AQC gals.

  6. A lovely show! I liked the wheels qulit especially and my son would love that dragon!

  7. it looks like a fun day and a great show and tell - I love so many of those quilts.

  8. What could be better? Good friends and beautiful quilts...

    I'm loving Sheila's log cabin quilt...

  9. Such a beautiful parade of quilts and so many different styles.

  10. Meeting up with quilty friends is so great isnt it. Love all the show and tell - there are some amazing quilts there.


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