Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I have a bit of a thing for number combinations like today's date, so I couldn't resist using it as the post title today, even the time is part of the combination as well,  what can I say I am just a geeky nerd at heart :)

A sweet little koala that was in our backyard a few weeks ago, 
I had to open the gate so it could leave,

I have been using Pinterest a little bit lately,  I joined earlier in the year and spent far too much time looking and drooling at images, now I am more circumspect with my time.  For me, I see it as a pinboard for images and ideas that I come across while surfing the net, I used to bookmark everything and then couldn't find what I was looking for, with Pinterest there is that visual reminder plus the link to the source.

baby swallows just about ready to leave the nest,
I took this photo at Sheila's house a few weeks ago

I don't have many boards yet, I'm trying to keep it small.  I have been browsing through the fabric pages (like this one at Andover Fabrics and if I see a fabric that I like I can pin it to one of my boards.

Funnily enough, Susie at Flowerpress also blogged about Pinterest yesterday, she has links to some of her favourite boards, which I will be checking out some time in the future.

This is me on Pinterest.


  1. the koala is so cute - are they dangerous? or friendly?

  2. Really, a Koala was just running around in your backyard, how cute. I'm a Pintrest geek also, and started following a couple of your boards. Great ideas and recipes on Pinterest, going to try of few of them this holiday. Hugs

  3. What a cute koala! And in your backyard too... what fun!

    I'm enjoying Pinterest as well... have several boards dedicated to geeky stuff... :)

  4. I was listening to 891 last week and they were talking about the koala count and a lady said she opened the gate at her house for a koala, was that you? (891 is much more interesting than Melbourne radio stations. Here they think that we are all interested in the radio announcers opinion.)

    As for pinterest, I think we're all a little the same. You get all excited at first and completely involved and then you calm down a bit. I look at mine periodically and I have found that I do go back and check things I have pinned, so I feel it's working for me.

  5. wait - koala bears just sorta 'end up' in your yard?! i had no idea they were that common - or are you just lucky?! we get the occasional groundhog... koyote... raccoon... {:[


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