Friday, 23 November 2012

Strung out

 Yesterday I decided that  I would finish off the blue strings, my workroom was starting to look even more like a pigsty with fabric scraps everywhere, and I thought that finished blocks would make a neater mess than strings of fabric everywhere.

I started off with this pile of strings

and ended up with a nice pile of finished blocks and a few leftover strings, the result of an afternoon spent sewing.  Now all that remains is to take the papers out, and piece the blocks together and I will have the makings of a nice quilt.

I saw the Bernina Best of Show State Winners on the Bernina website today, I'm thinking that the judges are going to have a fairly hard task trying to decide the overall winner.


  1. String blocks can trash a perfectly clean room. I can only do so many at a time, the smaller the better for me.

  2. What a nice speedy quilt those pretty blue strings make.... lets hope phone books don't go out of production!
    Thanks for link to those "Winners" Applique seems to be the Quilt de jour.

  3. Its been a terrific project for this hiatus after the show, you have made good progress,I am quite envious


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