Monday, 19 November 2012

Replacement block finished

Yesterday I finished off my replacement block for the Flower Garden quilt, unfortunately when I trimmed the block back to the correct size I didn't double check before I wielded the rotary cutter, oh dear, too sad.  There was no way to rescue the block without it being obvious so I started a new block, I changed the fabrics a bit as well and I like this version much better, it looks more "flower like" to my mind.

and below, the old version 
I'm planning on sashing either side, then adding
a bit more background and turning it
into a cushion.

 This fabric will be the backing for the Soul Searching quilt,  I just love the fabric name, I split the 5m length in half and joined it to make one wide piece, I couldn't get a perfect match as I would have lost too much fabric,  fingers crossed, I don't think it will be too noticeable once it has been quilted.


  1. love the replacement block , and in the end you will be very happy to have the cushion (ask me how i know :-)) . The Nana chic should make a great backing for "Soul Searching" its really beautiful

  2. Love this second version Pip!

  3. Beautiful replacement block, and the original will make a great cushion.

  4. I agree the second block is nicer. I also think the 1st block will make a great cushion. A warning for young players. Check before you cut. I did something similar recently. Ya can't put it back on,boohoo! Saw you in the MO photos. :-)

  5. Just a gorgeous replacement block , the colors in it is SO vibrant !

  6. I really like the replacement flower. I can't wait till I can start on my Flower Garden. But not until I complete Lollypop Trees.


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