Thursday, 22 November 2012

Practising restraint

I didn't spend too much at the Craft and Quilt fair this year, probably because I spent more time talking.  I did browse around the stalls on all three days, but somehow the desire to buy wasn't really there until the end of the last day, although I did buy the backing fabric  for the Soul Searching quilt on the Saturday.

My last minute purchase was this Denyse Schmidt book which has designs for 20 quilts based on traditional patterns, there are beautiful photos in this book and I want to make most of the quilts in there, although I probably never will.  If you click here it will take you over to Amazon and you can get a little peek inside the book (I have no affiliation with Amazon, it's just an easy way to get a look at some of the content)

My other purchases were fabric (of course) and a template.  I bought a piece of Reece Scannell shot cotton, a sort of an olive green,  shot through with several different colours, hard to photograph and even harder to describe.  The other fabrics were some white/cream and black repro prints, two gray and white graphic prints and the one on top is a pillar print (just because I liked it) 

Thank you Olive for your kind comment, I cannot reply to you as you are a no-reply blogger.



  1. OMG...isn't Denyse's book fabulous? I got a signed copy back in May at Quilt Market. I want to do practically every quilt in the book too. Great minds must think alike...wink.

  2. HI Pip, these fabrics are lovely, and you did indeed practice very admirable restraint, while making an excellent selection. And, thanks for posting the photos of the quilt show ! What a nice photo of you and your quilt. Beautiful work on both quilts ! We always enjoy seeing your excellent work !

    Best wishes, and happy quilting,

    Marina and Daryl


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