Sunday, 25 November 2012

Moving right along ...

I got busy yesterday morning and chain pieced the last eight blocks so it didn't take too long and now the string quilt is finished.  After I took this photo I decided to put a small border on, there are so many seams on the edges that it just seemed a sensible thing to do. 

After that finish I worked on my panel quilt, I had decided I didn't like the original fabrics I used for the second border so I found some French General fabric that had circles suitable for fussy cutting and used that.  The best part is that because my scallops aren't a full half circle I can get two scallops from each circle so there is very little waste.

I also swapped out the background fabric for the second border as well, I like this one much better.  This is the third time lucky for this border as when I changed fabrics and stitched the scallops down I forgot about making sure I allowed a 1/4" seam allowance so the end scallops would have been chopped off, there was nothing for it but to employ the seam ripper and start again.  They do say practise makes perfect :)

 it isn't crooked, it's just my bad photo taking

I finally feel as if everything is back on a more even keel, I'm keeping up with emails, blog reading and posting,  I am impressed with Anonymous, whoever they are, what a champion commenter, lucky for me the Blogger spam catcher works really well and their comments never get published.  Today I will be working on getting up to date with the Grandmother's Choice, I'm four blocks behind :(


  1. Ha, Anonymous visits my blog too!

  2. love that border - I have not thought to do something like that - wish I could remember these ideas when I'm thinking of adding a border - I will pin it!

  3. your "hot to trot" I think you are over your slump. The string top looks great and i am loving where you are going with the medallion. I have more of that French General if you run out of the motifs.

  4. was that comment above really the aforesaid anonymous, or some joker?

    I like that your slump is over. It gives me hope!

  5. So much eye candy... love your blue string quilt top... and the scalloped border MAKES the medallion quilt...

    I'm behind on the GC blocks as well... I'll get to them sometime!

  6. I'm liking your panel quilt, Pip. What a great way to use that French General fabric - I have some of that!

  7. That white stripe certainly "makes" the string quilt dynamic Pip.
    The scallops are perfect for the medallion. Beige and blue are so peaceful.


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