Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More fabric love

Some more recent (and not so recent) fabric acquisitions, I have a bit of a fondness for toile although I'm not sure that the red and blue ones can be strictly classified as toile, but the black and white certainly can.

 (from the left: Rouenneries by French General, linen/cotton mix, Aviary by 3 Sisters, and Midnight Pastoral by Alexander Henry)

 Some borders and stripes,  I think the borders could also be used as a wide stripe, the fabric on the right is a reproduction but I've been looking at it and thinking it would be great used in a Pacific inspired quilt, it kind of reminds me of tapa cloth.

from the left: the first three are from Rosebud Faire  by Renee Nanneman for Andover Fabrics, the last is  from Bancroft  by Judie Rothermel

I have half-formed plans for most of these fabrics but that may change, I was looking at the Rouenneries fabric (I have a reasonable amount of it) and thinking it could make a great top, like this one  but in the shorter version.


  1. I'm telling you. Great quilters must shop alike because I have that Midnight Pastoral and a very similar red toile like your's.

    Midnight Pastoral has to be one of my all time favorite fabric purchases.

  2. I like how you know all your fabrics Pip . . so we can hunt for them if we want. Sometimes I ask shops for the info and they clam up . . . and if you cant see it on the bolt selvedge as it's cut, who knows what comes home!
    Those pinks and greens look pretty.

  3. delicious fabrics... the FG could look good as a top.. have you looked at Its quite popular, my daughter has made herself a few (long and short, with and without sleeves)

  4. Love Judy Rothermel! You can pick them at a distance.

  5. Love love love those fabrics, I'm a bandit for some toile too. I don't have very much though. Perhaps I should remedy that *lol*. I'll love to see what you do with them.
    Stay cool today!


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