Wednesday, 7 November 2012


This is my green block, I struggled with this block a bit as well, most of my greens are in the more subdued range, but I think I've managed to get a fairly green block happening.

I spent a bit of time watching this Eastern Rosella and his mate as they wandered around
our backyard fossicking through the weeds for berries from the Melia tree.

  The hen is so much duller than the male sometimes it is hard to pick her out in amongst the weeds.


  1. Again, a very pretty block, and I always love seeing your 'visitors'. We have plenty of bird visitor, but none as lovely as these.

  2. Now i could have given you Greens.. I have green like you have blue. But i guess the whole exercise was about "Your" stash. so well done. The whole quilt will be fabulous

  3. Your green block turned out wonderful! You are making quick progress on this quilt! :)

    Those birds are beautiful. I always love to see the amazing pictures you take! You are a great photographer.

  4. Anonymous8/11/12 01:20

    Love what you are doing with the blog man!

  5. I'm really enjoying these blocks, Pip. and the birds remind me of my mom, gone almost three years now - (lump in throat) She was an avid bird watcher and especially love the Cardinals. thanks for sharing.


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