Friday, 30 November 2012

Even more fabric

Some of these fabrics made an appearance a couple of posts ago, but I couldn't resist putting it with the Echino Etsuko Furuya Woodland that arrived today.  I bought the Woodland thinking I might make a top out of it (it's a linen/cotton mix) plus it was a good price, but when I draped it over my shoulder to see how it would look, it didn't drape too well and even worse it made me feel really HOT, or rather even HOTTER, so I have decided that it will be used somewhere else.

Fabrics on the left (from the top down) - Kaffe Marquee stripe, Matchstick by Alexander Henry, unknown, unknown, Kona Cotton - Hibiscus and of course the Echino Woodland, which is a large scale print, the deer/stag is about 15cm (6") there are lots of little surprises in the design (butterflies, spiderweb, birds) and quite a few colours on a natural background.


  1. delicious, love that matchstick stripe especially

  2. I adore that Eschino print, have never been able to afford any like it... but I will one day.

    Today is probably not the best day to test fabric for cooling properties. Especially after the last couple we've had.

  3. I just love Echino fabrics (and have a few!). Those fabrics look great with it. I think it's probably heavy due to the linen/cotton mix - good for skirts and bags and I'm going to put some in a quilt too.


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