Monday, 26 November 2012

Building and flying the flag

Nearly caught up with the Grandmother's Choice blocks now, yesterday I finished three blocks, it took me a while to think about fabrics so I started off with the easiest one first.  I found the kiwi print in a scrap bag of black and white fabrics I bought a couple of months ago, I hoped that I would be able to use it in the Grandmother's Choice BOW somewhere and this block was the perfect fit.

 #10 - New York

#11 Little Red Schoolhouse took me a bit longer as I modified the block a wee bit and added another window, then I decided to have a bit of fun with the door as well.  The Mister reckoned that I should have made the chimneys shorter and added a strip of the background fabric but otherwise thought the block was "acceptable".  It was too late to take a photo of the last block of the day so that can wait for the next post.


  1. I love the kiwi flag, and your schoolhouse is just great. I especially like the door!

  2. Yes, I agree about the chimneys but I did them tall like this also. You have been really busy this weekend on the blocks and looks like you are all caught up now.

  3. I Love the kiwi print in your block!! Deliciously quirky!


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