Sunday, 18 November 2012

At a loose end ...

because I've finished the Soul Searching quilt flimsy, our guild Quilt Show is over for this year and I can't seem to decide on what I want to do quilting wise.  I have a couple of things that I should be making a priority - Flower Garden and Grandmother's Choice, (actually four things now that I think about it) but I just seem to have spend the last week or so drifting aimlessly.

 Even yesterday when I have the whole weekend to myself for sewing, I still couldn't decide on what to do - so eventually I started making some more string blocks, I figured they wouldn't take too much thinking about and I could just sew away on the machine until I wanted to stop.  They are coming together nicely now but  the string supply doesn't seem to be reducing very much, in fact it seems to be multiplying although that could be because I have sorted the strings into containers for short and long strings which has made it easier to grab the right length string when I'm sewing.


  1. I love your Soul Searching flimsy, and the string blocks are going to make a beautiful top.

  2. Hi there Pip hon, I always thought it was just me that felt a bit lost at the end of a project, so I'm glad I'm not alone. Your Soul Searching project looks just wonderful, the colours are fantastic!

  3. Pip, your soul search quilt looks fab! Lucky you to have done a class with Kathy. Strings are looking good - hate that feeling of not settling to anything, so it's nice to do a no-brainer. Keep going!

  4. well done you for finishing the "soul Searching" looks great, My 7 yo granddaughter thought it was fantastic too. I too am feeling a bit lost, can't figure if its because i have fallen behind on too many projects or wondering about the next "biggy" I am sure we will bounce back soon

  5. fantastic quilt it looks very fluid to me, I know it's hanging up but that is not what I mean!
    I had gone to the craft fair on Friday so sorry I missed seeing you, loved all the quilts on display though :D And very fond of blue, so those blue strings look great to me - even if they don't take much thinking about.


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