Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A little more from the show

In addition to my Farmer's Wife quilt, I also entered my Seven Sisters quilt which you can see below.  It was really nice being able to see both my quilts from a distance and gave me a different perspective on how they look as I usually only see them from a few steps away.

 This Flower Garden quilt (below) named Kaffe and Kim and Me was made by my friend Sheila who won three ribbons for her work, the quilt is needleturn applique and Sheila quilted it herself on her Bernina, you can see the other quilts in the applique section here

and this quilt below - Golden Ivory by Rachelle Denneny won several awards including Best in Show.  This quilt has been quilted entirely with a domestic sewing machine, the second photo shows a close-up of the quilting, click to make it larger.

 You can view more of the winning quilts here  over at the SA Quilters' Guild website, I did notice that the handbook for next year's Festival of Quilts will be launched in April 2013.  I'm already thinking about making another quilt to enter next year and I think I will have to make myself a new shirt as well :)

Permission has been given for all photos to be shown on my blog


  1. Your Seven Sisters looks lovely, and I love the shirt you're wearing! Doesn't your Farmers Wife look excellent on the bed. I agree with the sizing. I always make to fit the bed, otherwise the quilt languishes in the cupboard.
    Sheila has done a wonderful job. I just hope mine will be as good!

  2. That is just beautiful Pip. I love all the shades of blue.
    Yes I love that shirt too!

  3. That's 2 completed quilts we've seen from you in the past few days! You are certainly productive, and they are both just beautiful. I'm sure it felt good to see this one in a show. Way to go!!

  4. Am -A- zing photos Pip. So clear and great detail. Thankyou!
    Love your Seven Sisters looks really calming and beautiful...and wow!...the Farmers Wife is spectacular. Love the look of blocks on point when on the bed.
    What a finish to your year Pip.

  5. Thanks for sharing Pip....and congrats to Sheila!

  6. Beautiful - both of them, the Seven Sisters and your Farmer's Wife Sampler. And how nice to have them both in a show. Did you machine quilt them both? I really love the Seven Sisters quilt, the shades of blue - gorgeous.


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