Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I'm baaack ...

from my brief visit to New Zealand. This was the view out of the plane window as we started the descent into Auckland, a little further on we flew through a rain shower, but by the time it landed the weather was nice once again. 

 I had a blogger meet up with Sue, who is making both the Flower Garden and Nearly Insane quilts,  we met up for coffee, then we visited Patchwork Passion in Onehunga, a lovely shop with some great fabrics,

they had a very large range of Japanese Taupes, both woven and printed, although I didn't buy any (this time) I did buy some Oakshott cottons (seen above) and a couple of small bits of wool.  Sue gave me the cute purse, which is for putting all those accumulated loyalty cards in, a great way to keep track of them all.

A couple of days later I was back at the airport, where I spent plenty of time waiting as both my flights were delayed, lucky for me I had my Flower Garden blocks to work on, although the light wasn't the best to stitch by so I also caught up on some reading.

I nearly forgot about the other fabrics I acquired; a couple of black and white prints, some purple reproductions and some green New Zealand prints which I will use in the Grandmother's Choice, also a rather nice book on Modern Quilting which I have yet to read.


  1. I love those NZ prints, especially the ferns, but what caught my eye was the blue with the diagonal patterns. I have a rather old pair of pillow cases in a very similar pattern. Someone gave them to me, to cut up and I decided to keep them. A few years later, I bought a patchwork printed throw from Ikea for my bed and these blue pillow cases match in with it really well.
    Looking forward to seeing inside your new book.

  2. looks like a successful visit home. How fabulous that you could meet Sue, you look like "Old Friends". I can't wait to see/feel the Oakshott and the book looks interesting

  3. looks like a fun time and nice to have made some purchases also!

  4. Anonymous4/10/12 06:53

    Loving your choices for Sufferage quilt. You have inspired me to make similar choices. Thanks.

  5. What a lovely time you had Pip, and how wonderfully fun that you could meet up with Sue. She is just adorable! Looking forward to seeing how you use your fabrics.
    Have a great day hon

  6. Ooh lucky you to purchase "Oakshott in the flesh" they look amazing. And the NZ prints will make your G's C so personal. Great bloggy news Pip and welcome back!

  7. Oh, beautiful fabrics you added to your stash, Pip. (Thanks for voting!)


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