Monday, 29 October 2012

I am still alive ...

I just haven't felt the desire to blog lately :(

Once I defurred and de-threaded my Farmer's Wife and Seven Sisters quilts and had them ready for the show I felt very flat.  So I've just been pottering around, reading quite a lot, doing a bit of work on Flower Garden, and starting a Frame quilt using the panel I won in Miriam's  giveaway a while ago.  I'm quite happy with the direction it is taking so far, I will add the other sides shortly and finish with a square in each corner then I will need to have a think about the next border.

I've also spent a fair bit of time cutting strips for the Soul Searching workshop with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession which will be held at Hettie's Patch this weekend, (who knew I had so much fabric), it took me ages to cut all the strips, then roughly sort them into their colour groups, there is another two layers below what you can see in the photo.

My workroom seems to have got quite messy as well so I've been slowly tidying it up but the last couple of days I got a bit distracted by my scrap box and started sorting through that instead of tidying up, (although I suppose it could be classed as tidying up too)  and I found a heap of blue strings so I thought I would have a little play, nothing like a bit of procrastination is there?

They are quite addictive to make, I'm using old telephone book pages for my foundation, they are very easy to tear off once all the stitching is done.


  1. hello Pip, I was interested to read that you used yellow pages, I have done that too, as you say, they are nice and flimsy for removal later.
    I notice you have a "colour tool" in your box, I've never seen one before, what do you use that for?

  2. i like the string blocks, a great way to "make" fabric, hope you have a great time with Kathy D at Hetties, should be a really interesting workshop... don't forget to put a new blade in your cutter

  3. Hi Pip,
    I find I go through stages of not feeling like blogging, I think most bloggers do. Have fun at your workshop, you look very organised for it.

  4. Well as your blog title informs us... Rest is definitely not idleness in your studio.
    Glad your mojo is returning because that medallion is looking beautiful and the blue strings very perky.
    Take your jungle juice before the workshop: it'll be a high octane happening!

  5. Like what you're doing with the panel....please do more! Have fun in class.

  6. Your procrastination time was well spent and I love how you "recycle" your old telephone books :).

  7. Your strings are great too, the blues look stunning all grouped together. Also noticed you are a fellow SA lady, I love Hetties patch but dont get to workshops, the dreary life of a full time job.

  8. It's nice to have a break once in a while. Love your blue strings, they look very much like mine. Have a nice rest.


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