Saturday, 8 September 2012

This striped fabric is what I will be using for the binding on my Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt, it is a French General fabric (La Petite Ecole range), I had thought about using it cut on the bias but I think it looks better this way.

I've been marking off each block as I quilt it, this photograph was taken this morning and I have now filled in the bottom quadrant so just have the two side bits to complete now.

I'm finding the machine quilting requires a great deal of concentration and I have my fair share of "oopsies" in this quilt, it usually happens when I start daydreaming about another quilt that I would like to make.  I've taken to keeping my notebook nearby so I can quickly jot down the idea, and keep on the straight and narrow with my quilting :)

A little while ago I was reading the C & T Publishing blog and entered one of their competitions, the prize if you are a non-USA winner is usually an e-book and this time I was lucky and won, so I headed over to the ebook page and chose this book:  Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta.  As the book is about machine quilting using the walking foot I found it quite helpful with some good ideas - I stitched the border in the top photo without any markings, I just used templates cut from contact paper,  peeled off the backing and stuck them onto the fabric, then followed the shape with the machine foot. 


  1. that stripe is perfect for the binding. you are making great progress on the quilting. I like the border motif very much. The contact template is a great tip. How many of the templates did you make?

  2. Quilting does indeed take concentration... and the mind does tend to wander occasionally... Your FW quilt is going to be gorgeous... love that border motif and the striped binding...

    Congratulations on winning the e-book... looks cool!

  3. do you sew around the contact paper or through it. I haven't heard of that

  4. The stripe fabric for the binding is PERFECT! I like your idea of the chart to keep track of each block that you quilt

  5. The binding looks fabulous...your ideas for quilting and keeping a notebook by you are great..might try to remember that myself..

  6. hello PIP I thought I'd say hello, I popped over from Soscrappy. I was drawn by the title of your blog, as I am recovering from an op and feeling like I am being very lazy! I enjoyed looking at your work, your farmers wife quilt is amazing.
    Best wishes from England


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